Join the Climate
Technological Agreement.

Digital transformation of water and energy in the trusted board of experts

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We invite you to join the
Climate Technological Agreement

Who can join the Climate Technological Agreement?

The providers of technology in the field of energy, and water and sewerage system (i.a. cloud technologies, technologies in the field of IT security, GIS systems, SCADA systems, billing systems etc.)

The providers of IoT in the field of energy and water and sewerage system.

Altogether we own both competences and tools which make the transformation of the water and energy market more efficient and – at the same time – beneficial to all the parties.

Kamila Cieśla, getFlow Sales Director

Why did we createthe Climate Technological Agreement?

The world constantly seeks solutions that might face climate change. It is the priority of the international policy, the European Union, academia and worldwide investors. As global awareness grows, more frequently it becomes as well the priority of an individual. This is the time when the world fights against the COVID-19 pandemics. The one-on-one meetings, so effective in the pre-pandemic time, are difficult to realize in a similar form.

The digital transformation of water and energy should not slow down, as the stability of the economy and social life the way we know it depends on it. This is why we want to provide the public sector with the full support of the trusted experts today. In order to do it, we join hands and competences with other companies from the industry. This is the time when the UE contributes significant funds for building a green and digital economy thanks to which we can support both, the public sector’s client and the businesses of our own.

By 2030, 75% companies should use cloud computing services, big data and Artificial Intelligence; more than 90% SMEs should reach at least basic level of digital intensity.

The European Commission, the 9th of March 2021

What will you get by joining the Climate Technological Agreement?

We will share with you our client base. We will work together on of the acquisition of new contacts and leads.

New sources
of acquiring clients

Access to our competences

In the field of new technologies, data gathering and data analysis, concerning the professional way to lead a client through digital transformation.

Clients’ satisfaction
and loyalty

Hiring the Agreement, a client will save time and money which s/he would waste on integrating several not connected providers.

Acting together, we have wider horizons. You will get the opportunity of refreshing your contacts and verifying the needs of the old prospects.

Possibility of getting back to prospecting

Financial growth

Shared offers will allow us to run bigger, bolder and more advanced projects. These will bring profits to everyone – a client and companies participating in the Agreement.

The cooperating and reliable partner

Jesteśmy partnerem, który potrafi rozwijać klientów z korzyścią biznesową dla wszystkich stron. Razem możemy więcej.

Dla kogo

Who do we work with?

Client and the strategic partner for the products in the field of water

Client and the strategic partner for the products in the field of energy

Technological partner for the solutions in the field of water and energy. The cloud service provider

Technological partner for the solutions in the field of water and Energy. The cloud service provider

Implementation partner in the field of water solutions

Altogether with getFlow we provide services to three clients and we seek new business perspectives. Our partnership relays upon mutual respect and open communication. The abovementioned results in shared profits but – more importantly – it positively affects the way and the number of aspects in which we can support the clients who can be provided with complex solutions.

Agnieszka Foltyn

Managing Director, Złote Runo Sp. z o.o.

We’ve been cooperating for five years: on the one hand as a client of the SmartFlow products for water suppliers, and on the other, as a partner dedicated to developing the products mentioned. What can we tell about partnership? We value your particularly high technological competences, knowledge about the water and sewerage industry, quick and open communication as well as flexibility and agile approach towards the projects we run together.

Piotr Słomianny

Financial Director, MPWiK S.A. Wrocław

We are the partner of the getFlow team and, together, we search for new business opportunities in the energy, and water and sewerage sectors. We have shared goals and different, yet supplementing fields of expertise. We specialize in the engineering of business processes, while getFlow specializes in programming. I think that the accelerating digital transformation of the market is a good time for building this kind of alliances and creating stronger bonds with the companies that work for the sector.

Piotr Piela

Managing Partner, Piela Business Engineering

See our clients

Our history
and values in business

Who is the leader of the Agreement?

We are getFlow. Our goal is to create innovative solutions for water and energy. We help companies managing water and energy networks to increase the quality of service, maintain the availability of supplies, decrease costs of managing them, as well as to decrease the way in which the supplying process affects the natural environment.

We have been on the market for water and energy supplies for five years. Within this time we have developed and started selling smartFlow products for the water and sewerage industry, and gridFlow products for the energy industry. We have gained the trust of the most significant and experienced suppliers of water and energy, as well as the providers of services and hardware for these markets. This time taught us that perseverance, the ability to listen to the industry, and an innovative approach towards old problems can open many doors.

We rely on cooperation. There are many experienced suppliers of tools and technology which supplement our products. We respect the independence of those companies and we encourage them to become our partners and allies in the business. In order to do it, we have created the Climate Technological Agreement.

Join the Agreement
if you are:

A provider of technology in the field of Energy and water and sewerage system (i.a. cloud technologies, technologies in the field of IT security, GIS systems, SCADA systems, billing systems etc.)

A provider of IoT in the field of energy and water and sewerage system.

We believe that the future belongs to those who can act together. That is why we invite to cooperation all hardware and software providers of technology for the water and energy sector who are willing to join hands with us.


Monika Brachmańska
Managing Director

Kamila Cieśla
Sales Director

Anna Kantor
Delivery Manager

Sebastian Biel
Account Manager

Aneta Podczaszy-Kosmala
Marketing Director

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